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All products in the Arganielle range of Sud Bio are made with 100% natural Argan oil. Rich in natural ingredients facilitating cell renewal, this oil produced mainly in the region of Essaouira is used in different ways: in facial massages, local application on desiccated areas ... Argan oil used in cosmetics possess various properties: anti acne, anti psoriasis, anti aging, anti-redness ... What good reasons to adopt it! So do not wait, try our beauty products with argan oil! You will find massage oils, moisturizing creams, body lotion, hair or face masks, soaps, as well as gloves, hassoul and black soap ... So that Sud Bio stays true to the principles that have given birth, we are committed to establishing and respecting a quality charter:

1. Assurance of control and monitoring of all stages of product development.

2. The choice of vegetable oils having a natural affinity with the skin.

3. The use of natural preservatives.

4. Absence of suspected ingredients dangerous to health: Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, GMO, Colorant, Phthalate, ethoxylated product, Polyethylene glycol (PEG), paraffin or mineral oil from petrochemicals, pesticides.

5. The absence of animal components, no testing on animals. All Sud Bio formulations are regulated for a Ph 5,5 respectful of the natural barrier of the epidermis Aromatherapy (essential oils and herbs) and phytotherapy (plant extracts) are the precious bases for the formulation of Sud Bio cosmetic treatments .

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